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Feta cheese - 200g


Feta is a Greece cheese which is great for salad during hot summer.

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$ 42.00

Authentic feta. Protected Designation of origin (P.D.O)

Produced and packed in Greece.

Ingredients : White soft cheese made with pasteurised sheep's & goat (0-30%), milk, salt, culture, microbial rennet
Fat i.d.m min 45% moisture max 56%

Keep refrigerated at 2°C to 6°C

Nutrition information per 100g :
- Energy : 275kcal or 1140kJ
- Fat : 23g (saturated fat : 16g)
- Carbohydrates : 1g (0.5g)
- Protein : 16g
- Salt : 2.5g


  • Preservation before opening: keep in the fridge between 2-4°C
  • Country Greece
  • Maker Kolios