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Bresse bleu - 150g


Bresse Bleu cheese is made from pasteurised, cow's milk in Bresse, Burgundy. This is a soft French cheese, with a bloomy, edible rind and has an aroma of mushrooms. The flavour is rich and buttery. Production of Bresse Blue was started with the objective of providing a milder alternative to blue cheese. It is very similar in flavour to Brie. Another similar cheese is Gorzonla cheese.

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Blue veined full fat soft cheese made from pasteurised cow's milk

Ingredients : milk, cream, salt, rennet

55% fat in dry matter - VG/TG

Keep refrigerated between 4-6°C

Nutritional information per 100g :
- Energy : 342kcal or 1416kJ
- Protein : 5g
- Fat : 9g
- Calcium : 450mg 

  • Country France