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Coconut water - 1L


- Eau de coco - 1L - 

Coconut water (not to be mistaken with coconut milk) is the liquid extracted from inside young green coconuts. The water is extracted at approximately seven months, prior to the coconut meat growing. The water is naturally filtered through the dense fibres of the coconut.

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$ 32.00

This coconut water packed in Thailand from local ingredients contains no added sugar, no preservatives or additives and is not made from concentrate. 

Ingredients : water of 3 (5/6) green coconuts (100%) and nothing else

Nutritional information per 100mL : 
- Energy : 82kJ
- Protein : less than 1g
- Fat : less than 1g
- Carbohydrates : 4.7g (sugars : 3.5g)
- Sodium : 25mg
- Dietary fibre : less than 1g
- Potassium : 240mg
- Polyphenols : 3.7mg


  • Weight: 1L
  • Country Thailand