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Cheese Manchego Curado, aged 6 months - 150g


Ewe cheese pasteurized milk from Spain, 45% fat. The "Manchego" cheese can be either 'fresco' (fresh), 'curado' (aged 3-6 months) or 'viejo' (aged one year). The 'Curado' has a soft texture with a sweet slightly piquant and nutty flavour with an aftertaste characteristic from Sheep's milk. Very addictive product!!! Delicious with red fruit jam.

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$ 49.90

Aged full fat sheep milk manchego cheese

Ingredients : past : manchega ewe's milk, salt, calcium chloride, rennet, cheese cultures, preservatives : lysozym (E1105 derived from eggs), natamicyne E235 in rind

FDM 50%

Nutrition information per 100g:
- Energy : 1889kJ or 456 kcal
- Fat : 39.3g (saturated fat : 28.3g)
- Carbohydrates : 1.6g (sugar : 0.5g
- Protein : 24g
- Salt : 1.35g 

  • Packaging: Vacuum pack
  • Preservation before opening: 6 months
  • Weight: 150g cut
  • Preservation after opening: Up to 3 months. Recommended to eat as soon as possible for optimal flavors.
  • Country Spain