About us

Terroirs e-shop is a grocery and gourmet online shop specialized in the importation and distribution of wine and regional food delicacies from Europe to Hong Kong market.


Terroirs e-shop
What do we do?

Terroirs grocery and gourmet online shop is focusing on two areas:
-  Commodity European grocery: for everyday use such as butter, whipping cream, cooking cheese, spices, dry herbs, bread, condiments, jams… Aiming for the best value for money!
- Regional European gourmet products and wines: foie gras, gourmet cold-cuts, gourmet snails, fine farmer cheese, tapenades, sun-dried tomatoes, middle-east vine leaves… We have carefully selected a range of red wines, white wines, rosé wines, sparkling wines, and sweet wines to pair with our grocery and gourmet delicacies.
Who is Terroirs e-shop?

Terroirs Ltd is a young and dynamic food importer and distributor (HK Food import license TR-13-001089) founded in 2012 by G. Paul, French amateur of gourmet food and wine and passionate by the richness and diversity of worldwide terroirs.

“Resident in Hong Kong since 10 years I had difficulties to get European commodity grocery and quality gourmet food at reasonable prices. I have often been surprised to pay less in gourmet restaurants than buying my own ingredients for home cooking.”
G.Paul, Managing Director
G. Paul
terroirs definition
What does "terroirs" means?

"Terroir" is a french word which comes from 'terre', the land. The "terroir" represents characteristics of a geographical location: geology, history, know-how of local producers. Thanks to these unique characteristics, each 'terroir' gives unique products and wines. Discover or rediscover these diversities on “Terroirs grocery and gourmet shop”.
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Terroirs grocery online shop is designated to wine and gourmet food lovers and home-cooking adepts. Our values are: Conviviality, Discovery, Festivity and Authenticity.
In order to offer attractive prices, we are not selling through retail store.  We are selling 100% online with free delivery all-over Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories (see our terms and conditions).
We wish you good shopping and browsing on Terroirs online grocery and gourmet store! Enjoy our user friendly e-boutique! Bon appétit!
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