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MONIN syrup Raspberry - 70cl


- sirop de framboise - 70cL -

Fine gourmet syrup from MONIN, France.
Traditionally a summertime fruit, enjoy this fresh picked berry aroma year round thanks to MONIN Raspberry syrup.
Well balance blend of sweet and tart. Ideal for: lattes, mochas, lemonades, teas, cocktails, smoothies, shakes, sodas, steamers/milk.

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$ 124.00

A bit of a story:
Usually raspberries are red but legend says that all raspberries were once white. One day, the Nymph Ida tried to pick some wild white raspberries to calm the god Jupiter who was in a rage. While picking the fruits, Ida scratched her finger on the thorny raspberry bush. According to this Roman myth, her blood forever dyed the raspberries a bright red color.

Ingredients : sugar, water, concentrated raspberry and other fruit juice, flavouring

Total fruit juice : 25% minimum, including 20% raspberry juice 

Nutritional information per 100mL : 
- Energy : 345kcal or 1441kJ
- Protein : 0g
- Fat : 0g
- Carbohydrates : 85.1g

  • Packaging: Glass bottle
  • Preservation before opening: 3 years at room temperature
  • Weight: 70cl