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Frozen potatoes 'noisettes' - 1Kg


- Pommes noisette congelées - 1 kg - 

Classic recipe from France, the potato 'noisette' (Nut) is a small ball of mashed potatoes (size of a big Nut, hence its name), slighty fried. It has a crunchy crust and a soft body of mashed potatoes. Our potato noisettes comes pre-cooked.

Product from Belgium sold in a 1kg bag.

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$ 39.50

Ingredients : Potatoes 91%, vegetable oil (palm oil), salt, dextose, emulsifier : methylcellulose, spices, onion powder.

May contain traces of eggs, gluten or milk

Nutrition information per 100g :
- Energy : 691 kJ or 165 kcal
- Fat : 6.5g
- Carbohydrate : 23g
- Fibre : 2.8g
- Protein : 2.2g
- Salt : 0.86g

  • Packaging: Sealed bag. Just grill in the for 20-25 minutes to reheat and give them a nice brownish color and crunchy crust. Or deep fry at 175°C for 3-4 minutes. Alternatively pan fry it for 10-15 minutes on medium heat.
  • Preservation before opening: 6 months
  • Weight: 1Kg
  • Preservation after opening: Once defrost, cook and consume immediately
  • Cooking instructions: Pre-heat oven at 220ºC, preferably with fan function. Display potatoes in a dish (no need to defrost) and cook for +/-25 minutes.
  • Country Belgium