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Frozen whole chicken corn fed, France ~ 1.3Kgs


- Poulet entier nourri au mais - environ 1.3g kg - 

Whole yellow chicken from France, fed exclusively with corn. Chicken weight is about 1.3 Kgs, ideal for family or for people who like generous chicken parts and supremes.

$ 118.00

RECIPES for this product

  • Packaging: Wrapped, frozen.
  • Preservation before opening: One year in freezer, before expiry date showing on packaging
  • Weight: ~ 1.3 Kgs
  • Preservation after opening: Cook and consume immediately after opening
  • Cooking instructions: For a classic roasted chicken: Defrost and preheat oven at 200ºC (180ºC with ventilation). Spread olive oil, pepper and flower of salt all over chicken skin (even better to marinate 24h). Cook for 1h20 and baste with own chicken juice regularly.
  • Country France
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